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For two thousand years, the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt has remained a loving bride and a faithful witness for Christ. Her sons and daughters pride themselves on being the unyielding defendants of the Christian faith. The Nicene Creed, which is recited in all churches throughout the world, has been authored by one of her favorite sons, St. Athanasius, the Pope of Alexandria in 325 A.D. This status is well deserved, since Egypt was the refuge that the Holy Family sought in its flight from Judea [Matthew 2:12-23]. Today, in the midst of cyberspace stands an altar, and amid the turbulent and roaring tide of the computer age sails an ark; it is called Copt-Net.

The Coptic Network (also known as Copt-Net) is the first on-line Christian fellowship dedicated to the service of the emigrant Coptic Orthodox community. Established on January 7, 1992, Copt-Net was chartered on August 22, 1992 as a "Christian fellowship dedicated to the service of the emigrant Coptic Orthodox community". Copt-Net's mission is achieved through two outlets: The Coptic Web and Copt-Net Digest.

The Coptic Web is Copt-Net's public Web site featuring an extensive set of articles and electronic artifacts contributed by various individuals, as well as comprehensive indices of Internet resources of interest to the Coptic community and to the general public. The Encyclopedia Coptica provides a good exposure to the Coptic Web through a brief introduction to the Coptic Church and its people with many links to articles and artifacts from the Coptic Web.

Copt-Net Digest is the main form of communication between Copt-Net members. Chief among the goals of Copt-Net Digest is the coordination of Church activities, which include Sunday School service, youth conventions, translation of Liturgical texts and Hymns, as well as exchanging relevant news about the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Copt-Net is not an organization or an association. Contents available through the Coptic Web do not necessarily represent in any way or form, directly or indirectly, the positions or opinions of the Coptic Orthodox Church, its hierarchy, or its lay councils.

We hope that you will find Copt-Net and the Coptic Web a valuable resource and we welcome your feedback. If you would like to contribute content or would like us to add a link to an Internet resource of interest, please let us know by contacting the Coptic Network maintainer at

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